April, 2007

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Basic foundation for all sites

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There’s a basic foundation, or recipe if you will, for all new content sites that I produce. Each item in the foundation serves it’s purpose for generating traffic, retaining visitors, and/or monetizing the site. In no particular order: Related articles This is generally the base of any site. It’s debatable how many articles you should […]

Perception IS Reality

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In this blog post I kinda touched on this topic, but I have a better example for you now. My gardening blog (recognize the design) isn’t large, isn’t popular, and isn’t anything special. Around 16 months old I’ve got less than 40 posts in total. Although, I am starting to post more. I’ve been gathering […]

A Death Knell for Bad MFA Sites

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Really bad MFA (made-for-adsense sites) with little to no content, stolen content, or illegal content routinely trick users into clicking ads or otherwise break Google’s terms, and yet still they proliferate. Well a recent Adwords change now allows advertisers to see traffic, ctr, and conversions for specific domains in Google’s content network (adsense), thus allowing […]

New Google Sitemaps Developments

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Well, I suppose it is no longer “Google” sitemaps. While Google pioneered the protocol it has been adopted by the other major search engines as well. Just announced is the ability to finally allow search engines to auto-discover your sitemaps, ie you don’t have to submit it to them, just place a line in your […]

AdBrite Having Problems

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One of the perpetual risks you will run into when using smaller ad networks is that they are more prone to infiltration by spyware/trojan/virus drive-by-download advertisers. You may think this has to do with their lack of ability to filter such crap out. In reality though I think it has to do with their willingness […]

Adsense Changes

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For the first time since it’s launch in late June of 2003, Adsense has changed the base format of their design. They’ve removed the border between ads as well as lessening the overall outer border. Apparently they’ve tested this format to a great degree and found it performs better. One can hope. The other thing […]

Is SEO Science or Marketing?

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More or less everyone who practices SEO today used to do something else. Maybe they went from programming to SEO, design to SEO, marketing to SEO, business to SEO, or some other shift. It is simply too new of a field for someone to just start with it. It may be the previous life experience […]

Media Whiz & AdNet Interactive

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Back in November I was contacted by by Matt Romano from Adnet Interactive (a Media Whiz company, they also own Text-link-ads) who was apparently their head of network development. He signed up my literature site to run popunders at a nice flat rate with unlimited inventory that was enough to earn him my top spot. […]

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