June, 2007

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The Digg Effect Revisited

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More fun in traffic analysis….. A few months ago one of my sites made it to the front pages of Digg & del.icio.us and since so many people optimize, work, and dream to achieve the same, I did a writeup about how much traffic it provided. Visit the link to read that. Well I just […]

Adsense CPA Opens for All

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Just a quick heads up to everyone that Adsense’s CPA system is now open for all publishers. Check it out. This could end up being both good and bad for Adsense publisher revenue. On one hand it is another way to make money, on the other hand it could end up having the same problems […]

New SEO Guide

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I’ve been slowly going through my successful website guide and rewriting all the articles to update them to 2007. They were first written in 2002 mostly and so many were outdated. I have just completed the rewrite of the SEO section and have decided to break that out into a separate guide all it’s own. […]

The Human Factor: SEO for People

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There is a pervasive myth or misconception in the SEO world that has to do with how your site is constructed. Many believe that your site needs to be strict xhtml with a table-less CSS markup or the search engine is going to vomit when it tries to crawl your site. They correctly recognize that […]

Various Google Updates

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The Googleplex has been buzzing with lots of little busy bees so far this week. Adwords advertisers now can see performance data for individual sites in the content network (Adsense) and then exclude the bad ones and or do site targetted ads on the good ones. This should, hopefully, benefit quality Adsense advertisers (most of […]

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