August, 2006

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A Tool for Website Shopping

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Shopping for websites to buy is often an exercise in futility. If it isn’t a myspace resource site, a funny videos site, or a turnkey duplicate content site, it is hard to find. The number of genuine unique content sites that having staying power beyond a current fad and have real palpable traffic are few […]

SitePoint, Lawsuits, and Internet Accessibility

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So why did SitePoint ask me to stop blogging, stop writing a book for them, and stop moderating their forums? Well I asked them when they did it if it was because of my beliefs or because of something I said and they said no. However there is speculation that it was done because of […]

Blogging for Dollars

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The September issue for Business 2.0 has an article called Blogging for Dollars that is a semi-decent introduction to the web publishing industry. However they are slightly guilty of one of my pet peeves, which is referring to any independent content site as a blog. Blogs are relatively new, and content sites existed before that […]

Why a keyword rich domain helps

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Keyword rich domains are often discussed. Some people say go for branding and make it unique, some people say go for SEO and use keywords, on the SEO side some people say use hyphens, others say don’t. It is a complicated issue. However one of the main reasons I often recommend keyword rich domains is […]

Google Webmaster Central

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As of last Friday Google has renamed their sitemaps system to Google Webmaster Central. Matt Cutts did a video blog about it. Google sitemaps had always been a great system, but there was a lot of confusion about it. Most people seemed to think that all it was was a tool to submit an XML […]

A Google Myth Busted

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The Internet is full of myths about how Google ranks pages. One of my oldest articles written, originally for SitePoint before being published here, was about Google Myths. In this article I dispel the myth about Google giving special bonuses to DMOZ or Yahoo listed sites, outside of the normal bonus the page would get […]

And to bring a little culture to this blog…

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I just launched a new site, Balthasar Gracian’s The Art of Worldly Wisdom. It is just a newsletter site, and I mention it here for two reasons. One of which is because this work, written 400 years ago, is often used like Sun Tzu’s Art of War, as a guide for modern day business. Since […]

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