October, 2010

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Save 20% at Best of the Web

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Best of the Web botw.org is the one directory I really consider anymore. DMOZ is pretty much a joke, its too hard to get listed, Yahoo has relegated themselves to irrelevancy and having an annual fee as opposed to a one time fee makes it hard to get a positive ROI on all but the […]

Record Days on Google Adsense

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Last month I did a record amount of revenue through Google adsense. This month should surpass that, and yesterday I did a record for a single day. I did make a purchase of a website this Spring which has added to my daily totals, but even factoring that website out I would have hit the […]

Using Facebook’s Ad Platform

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I recently started using Facebook’s ad platform, and while it is not without it’s faults, I like it, and I see it as powerful and definitely capable of commanding a large share of online ad spending, especially if it is improved over time. It is fundamentally different from search engine advertising. Suppose you sell digital […]

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