May, 2006

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Commission Junction Mandates Javascript Links

Bookmark using any bookmark manager! recently announced a new policy whereby affiliates will have to start using javascript links practically exclusively when promoting merchants in their network. For certain special types if integration, such as for email or datafeeds, the links will stay the same, but for all others they will need to be javascript. In my opinion this […]

Rolling the Dice

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I was asked recently why, if I do this for a living, has my forum signature (where I list most of my sites) not gotten longer by any measure in recent time. The reason is that there are different methods of going about being a website publisher. You can build many small sites, you can […]

Search Engines Borrowing Page Titles from Directories

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I’ve heard this complaint dozens of times. Someone has a pretty nice search engine ranking except instead of using the webmaster’s carefully selected title tag as the title for the listing the search engine pulls one from a directory that was done by an editor who might not be the most gifted copywriter. Now sure, […]

How’s this for a niche?

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Restaurant corn on the cob is always so much better than the stuff I make at home, or the stuff my mom used to make. Determined to find out why I searched on Google for “How to cook corn on the cob” and this website came up second. This site immediately struck me as useful. […]

Burst!Media Changes Default System

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Burst!Media announced today that they launched a new defaults system whereby publishers can input a value for their defaults and if their defaults are valued at higher than Burst’s ads then the defaults can run before those campaigns. Burst!Media isn’t the first major network to do this, Fastclick (now Valueclick) did this last year. However, […]

PageRank or Your Page’s Rank?

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I’m sure most of my readers already know this, but I mean honestly I cannot visit a popular webmaster forum and not see this mistake being made. So I’m going to blog about it in hopes of making a central place people can be sent to when they get this wrong. Your PageRank, or PR, […]

Amazon Switches from Google to MSN for Alexa, A9, and Amazon search.

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CNET Reports that has dropped it’s Google partnership for it’s search features at it’s various web properties like and People have speculated that this is in response to Google supposedly encroaching on Amazon’s turf with book search. Personally I doubt it. Amazon may have started as a book store but books aren’t […]

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