March, 2008

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Behind the Scenes at Google, the Human Reviewer Playbook

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You can optimize your site for search engine algorithms perfectly, but if a human working for a search engine comes in and makes a snap judgement that your site looks spammy or isn’t useful, and you’ll suffer. I think, many of the unexplained rankings we see are a result of these human reviews and it […]

Video Production, The Wave of the Future

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Video is becoming a larger and larger part of the Internet and I’m getting my feet wet with producing my own. But, this is virgin territory for me and I need some help. I’m hoping to get advice and recommendations from those of you who have already done this. The first thing I need is […]

How I do Directory Submissions

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Submitting to directories is one of the most straightforward ways to build links to your websites, however such a practice is not without problems, there is a prevalence of small directories and directory operators who mainly exist to swindle you. For instance a directory operator may constantly launch new directories, focusing all the PageRank they […]

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