Video Production, The Wave of the Future

March 11th, 2008 by Chris

Video is becoming a larger and larger part of the Internet and I’m getting my feet wet with producing my own.

But, this is virgin territory for me and I need some help. I’m hoping to get advice and recommendations from those of you who have already done this.

The first thing I need is the technology. Are there are good scripts for creating a video system or gallery? Especially scripts or software that will accomodate preroll video ads.

Should I do anything special in regards to hosting? Is there a really good and reasonable offserver hosting location for video ads?

In regards to those preroll video ads, which networks do you recommend?

Can anyone recommend a company, service, or individual who can do minor editing for me, create titles, etc? Just polish up the videos to make them somewhat more professional looking.

I will not be doing user submitted videos perse, but they will be made by quasi-amateur users to spec. My total library will probably start at around a dozen 5 minute videos, increasing to maybe around 100 after a year, so not a huge number.

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  1. Michael  Says:

    I coded in a weekend.

    I use standard PHP to encode/create thumbnails, a database and the JW player. I tried finding a good pre-built script but sadly they just dont exist. I would imagine you can build your own system pretty quick chris or have somebody build it. I can give you the specs of how i didmine if you want to use it as a starting point to hire somebody.

    As for pre-roll / post-roll I have yet to find a good one

  2. Bryan Gray  Says:

    I’m reluctantly looking into some of the same things Chris.

    As far as hosting I’ve noticed youtube videos with good titles get really high rankings in the SERPs. As long as that is the case I’d upload any videos to YouTube and just keep a copy on your HD in case you go another direction later.

    YouTube and SE traffic from YouTube is the primary reaons I’m looking into video.

  3. Brandy Thomas  Says:

    My friend Dan Schulz referred me to your question seeing if I could help. I am know I have more questions then answers and if you would like to e-mail me about any of this, feel free.

    First off, I know nothing about scripts, so I am not much help there.
    When you are asking about a video system are you looking for an editing system or just something to host and play the videos?

    Also, plan on wherever you host and store your videos to anticipate using LOTS of space. A 100 videos a year at 5 minutes apiece is going to be huge, assuming decent quality.

    I can recommend myself for doing editing and cleaning up the video to make it more professional looking, since I do video production myself.

  4. Michael  Says:

    If your just looking to do really simple and minor touch ups you can use ULEAD. I use it to do minor things with videos I get. But for anything more advanced I would probably hire somebody.

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