May, 2010

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An Obvious Case of Credit Card Fraud

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Check out my credit card logs for one of my ecommerce sites. 2996091721 12349 Captured/Pending Settlement 19-May-2010 05:21:48 Sadchik, Nikola V XXXX5834 USD 321.08 2996091247 12348 Declined 19-May-2010 05:21:00 Sadchik, Nikola V XXXX1251 USD 321.08 2996090463 12347 Declined 19-May-2010 05:19:43 Sadchik, Nikola A XXXX1006 USD 321.08 2996089776 12346 Declined 19-May-2010 05:18:31 Sadchik, Nikola V XXXX3056 […]

On Website Valuation

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I think, perhaps, people in the know about websites really have a golden opportunity in current times to buy good assets for cheap. I invest a lot in real estate, and of course in websites, and I see a lot of parallels. They are both properties that can provide almost completely passive income. Where they […]

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