November, 2006

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Amazon Beta Content Links Program

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Amazon is launching another beta content links program. I say another because they have already been experimenting in contextual text links with their successful (I assume, I can’t see how it couldn’t be successful) Omakase program Dear Amazon Associate: Are you looking for additional revenue streams to monetize your content? Are you interested in providing […]

Niche Web Acquisitions

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If you haven’t heard of Demand Media, it is a new company by Richard Rosenblatt (former CEO of Intermix/MySpace) that more or less aims to create hundreds or thousands of niche content websites based mostly around a user community. Sound familiar? It should, it is what myself, and many of the readers of this blog, […]

Top 5 Worst SEO Mistakes

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SitePoint published a pretty crappy article yesterday about the worst SEO mistakes. Not only does it mention some things that will not hurt you, it also fails to mention the most common and most hurtful SEO mistakes people regularly make. I wonder how many months the author has actually been doing SEO. So here is […]

PageRank: An Essay

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It is my firm belief that most people, even many who would call themselves Search Engine Optimizers, do not “get” PageRank. They know that it is about your incoming links, but they do not understand what made it so revolutionary, or why it is so useful. It is my opinion that this lack of understanding […]

The Need for Speed

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Never doubt the power of a quickly loading site. My literature site is the 800 pound gorilla of my web empire. It is database heavy and very popular. I’ve gone through a myriad of ways to optimize the main part of the site, first I used phpCache for a number of years, but it wasn’t […]

Links for your Homepage or Subpage?

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In reading forums today I came across a topic I do not often see discussed and I thought it would make a good blog post. When doing link building do you work on links for your homepage alone, or your subpages? If you can get a link from one source, how do you decide which […]

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