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November 29th, 2006 by Chris

Amazon is launching another beta content links program. I say another because they have already been experimenting in contextual text links with their successful (I assume, I can’t see how it couldn’t be successful) Omakase program

Dear Amazon Associate:

Are you looking for additional revenue streams to monetize your content? Are you interested in providing relevant information to your site visitors at the very instant they are looking for it? If so, you should participate in the exclusive Context Links beta program!

The Context Links tool automatically identifies and links contextually relevant phrases within your content to Amazon products. When a user hovers over a Context Link they will see a preview window that displays a summary of the product. We believe this product will unlock new ad inventory for you by identifying linking opportunities that you previously had not identified, while also allowing you to control the number of links on each page. In addition, Context Links can save you the time needed to manually create text links within your content.

Before we make Context Links available to the public, we would like to pilot this innovation with a small group of hand-selected Associates. We would like you to be part of that group. As a beta participant you have complete control on which pages you want to include Context Links. To participate you will be asked to:

1) Agree to the terms and conditions applicable to the Associates Context Links Beta Program
2) Obtain the required code snippet from Associates Central and deploy it on pages where you want Context Links to appear
3) Provide feedback via email
4) Complete an evaluation survey

Your referral fees from Context Links will be handled in the same way as in your current agreement. In addition, if you fully participate and provide us feedback, we will send you a $50 gift certificate to spend at at the end of the beta program as a show of our thanks for your participation.

Our beta is scheduled to begin now, and space is limited. So, if you’d like to participate please visit Associates Central, read the agreement, and sign up. After you sign up you will be able to view the Context Links configuration page, where you can choose simple options and obtain the code to add to your Web pages.

Thank you for your continued support of the Amazon Associates Program, and we look forward to your participation!

I haven’t decided yet if I will use this program. It is unclear, as usual, if it would be against Adsense TOS to run this on the same page as Adsense, and I certainly cannot stop using Adsense as it makes me too much money. All in all this sounds very similar to’s program, which I have never been much a fan of as it always linked unrelated words in my tests. Actually, it sounds most like this program is a hybrid of Chitika and Kontera.

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  1. peach  Says:

    Hey thanks for the heads up. They actually let _me_ in the program with my new site that doesn’t have much traffic yet :)

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