November, 2007

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Sometimes even I do dumb things

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My second most popular content site is my survival site. I get really decent eCPMs from Adsense with it, especially this time of year, because there are a lot of outdoor retailers who do typical Christmas advertising. Yesterday was one of the best normal days ever for Adsense with it in fact, I saw normal […]

Using Google Alerts to Monitor Your Business

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Google has a very nice, yet I think unsung feature, called Google Alerts which makes it very easy to monitor aspects of your web business. It isn’t a new service, and if you’re a dedicated reader of this site and forum you’ve undoubtedly heard it mentioned before, but I don’t think I’ve ever spotlighted it […]

Prepare for an Adsense eCPM Drop

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As per this post at the official Adsense blog Google has now significantly reduced the amount of space in an ad that is clickable. Now only the title and URL of an Adsense ad will be clickable. The reason they say is to reduce accidental clicks. I do not like this change. The thing is, […]

Another Day, Another Death Threat

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This is a dangerous profession we’re in I guess. A few years ago on my literature site forum there was a problem member, he was banned a few times, would reregister, I’m sure all the forum admins who read this know the type I’m talking about. One of the things I’d do to find his […]

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