March, 2009

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Back Up Your Servers!

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I’ve talked about this before, but, it would seem a timely reminder is on hand. Some malicious hacker attacked WebHostingTalk, one of the oldest and most popular webmaster discussion forums. He deleted the offsite backups, the onsite backups, and then deleted the database. The attacked seemed to be purely malicious. WHT is now having to […]

Failing Newspapers Lobby Google for Special Treatment

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From adage. Many publishers resent the criteria Google uses to pick top results, starting with the original PageRank formula that depended on how many links a page got. But crumbling ad revenue is lending their push more urgency; this is no time to show up on the third page of Google search results. And as […]

People Change, Things Stay the Same

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Woe for the sexy days of SEO. In watching the Watchmen this weekend there is Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’” during the opening credits, and that song fits my mood now. Situations have changed, but more so I have changed rather than the times, and I imagine I’m not alone. SEO used to […]

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