May, 2007

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Trustmarks, and why I think HackerSafe is a waste of money

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A trustmark is a badge placed on your site that gives consumers a feeling of security so that they will buy from you. It doesn’t mean actual security, just the perception of security. You can get a trustmark from your SSL provider, which means they verified your phone number and you paid for it, hardly […]

One Product Ecommerce Update

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This is an update to my previous post on the topic. My compost tumbler site is now profitable. My total development costs were $1000 almost on the nose, and my marketing costs were around $800. With a profit of $40-$60 per sale depending on specific product model I needed 36 sales to pass my original […]

Going Subscription

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I tell you what, I don’t like the outlook for Internet advertising. Ad companies are making lots of money, Internet advertising is growing, and companies like it because it works. But for publishers, all I see is revenue decreasing on the same or more traffic, especially from ad blockers. I now notice a significant gap […]

About Adsense Pricing

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I get really annoyed with Adsense sometimes. Starting in April they started passing out seemingly automated optimization reports that more or less told me, and many other publishers, that we’d earn more if we didn’t block so many domains with the competitive ad filter. Well myself, and others, block many PPC arbitrage type bad sites […]

An Open Letter to Tribal Fusion

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There is a saying in business, the pigs get fat, the hogs get slaughtered. Meaning if you’re too greedy you get bloated and you die. With the introduction of Tribal Fusion Direct you have become a hog and your core business is suffering because of it. No longer are you the high paying niche CPM […]

Why Don’t You Have an Ecommerce Site?

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Ecommerce is solidly about half my business. Right now I have big projects in the works on both the ecommerce and publishing sides, and the success of those projects could tip the scales further, but right now it is around 50/50. I’m speaking of profit, in total revenue ecommerce wins by a long shot thanks […]

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