Various Google Updates

June 13th, 2007 by Chris

The Googleplex has been buzzing with lots of little busy bees so far this week.

Adwords advertisers now can see performance data for individual sites in the content network (Adsense) and then exclude the bad ones and or do site targetted ads on the good ones. This should, hopefully, benefit quality Adsense advertisers (most of you who read my blog I’m sure) and hurt the ones who just publish garbage/scrapers etc. This was in beta before, but now it should be for everyone.

Google has updated their webmaster central interface, including adding a new paid link reporting tool. Additionally reinclusion requests are now called “reconsideration requests.” Why the change? Beats me.

Finally, Google Analytics has made a series of updates including turning all the lines in your referrer report into clickable links, something that always annoyed me in the past. However, they still truncate off the query string of your referring URLs, so if your referrer is a dynamic page that uses a query string you still can’t figure out what that query string is.

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  1. Ken Barbalace  Says:

    With the performance data, it looks like all web publishers could be in for a turbulent summer. Even good publishers could have segments of their sites that don’t attract the most desirable demographics for advertisers. I also see the potential for publishers to really focus on the most profitable content and neglect the less profitable, but still important parts of their sites.

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