Adsense Changes

April 5th, 2007 by Chris

For the first time since it’s launch in late June of 2003, Adsense has changed the base format of their design. They’ve removed the border between ads as well as lessening the overall outer border. Apparently they’ve tested this format to a great degree and found it performs better. One can hope.

The other thing is they’ve opened up two additional formats, 250×250 & 336×80, to image ads. This is certainly a good thing as more ads generally means more money, and those two formats in particular are very popular for many publishers, including me.

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  1. recep  Says:

    l also just read from the adsense official blog of google about this article and l saw they gawe u a backlink of your article and its should be very friendly for you:)
    l am also adsense publisher and like all adsense publishers myself also liked the news changes of best pay per click broadcaster of google adsense’s new advertisement blocks.
    They are working hard to understand what the advertisers want and how to make them happy with the publishers clicks, from my point of wiew, adsense advertising unit workers also realised that the old wiew of google adsense was becoming unfriendly to the publishers and they become a very apart side of the website they are published. Google is changing this, they are tring to design new templates for their advertisers to let visitors of the adsense publishers pages more good looking and friendly to let them “click” on the advertisement.
    l think adsense advertisers also want this new format. They were also realising they advertisers become very unfamilier with the site. They were also looking for the best position to their ads for maximum response. l think google will giwe more friendly looks to their advertisers to let the visitors “click” on the advertisements…
    Advertisers happy, Publishers happy. Google happy.

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