A Death Knell for Bad MFA Sites

April 11th, 2007 by Chris

Really bad MFA (made-for-adsense sites) with little to no content, stolen content, or illegal content routinely trick users into clicking ads or otherwise break Google’s terms, and yet still they proliferate.

Well a recent Adwords change now allows advertisers to see traffic, ctr, and conversions for specific domains in Google’s content network (adsense), thus allowing them to weed out poor performing sites. (screenshot)

This could be both good, and bad, for publishers. It is bad for you if you’re one of the aforementioned sites and are likely to be dropped by advertisers. It is good if you’re a quality site that delivers good traffic and may qualify for higher CPC rates. Afterall, if advertisers can weed out the poor converters they will be more willing to pay more for content network clicks.

Forum discussion here.

5 Responses to “A Death Knell for Bad MFA Sites”

  1. Josh P  Says:

    I’m curious where this is located in the AdWords interface…I don’t see this ability anywhere.

  2. Ken Barbalace  Says:

    I predict several months chaotic eCPMs as this change shakes itself out.

    I don’t look forward to several months of instability, but I relish the day Google finally finds a way to kill off lame MFA sites.

  3. Kyle  Says:

    This is really good news…It will help keep and increase the number of advertisers interested in advertising on the adsense network, instead of just the Google search engine.

  4. organ  Says:

    Bad news!
    I just curious how they detect those MFA sites.

  5. Andrew Johnson  Says:

    As an adwords advertiser I already log this information with my custom software. The truth is, I haven’t had too many problems with “bad” sites. The only people getting screwed here are the ones letting Google know where to artificially jack up their bid cost.

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