New Google Sitemaps Developments

April 11th, 2007 by Chris

Well, I suppose it is no longer “Google” sitemaps. While Google pioneered the protocol it has been adopted by the other major search engines as well.

Just announced is the ability to finally allow search engines to auto-discover your sitemaps, ie you don’t have to submit it to them, just place a line in your robots.txt file like so:


Also news is that joins the other search engines using Sitemaps.

For more on Sitemaps try the official site, Google Webmaster Central, or this older post.

One Response to “New Google Sitemaps Developments”

  1. Ken Barbalace  Says:


    I see this as a two edged sword. For a large site this would also make it easier for site scrapers to rip all of the content from a site while side stepping bad bot traps.

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