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April 3rd, 2007 by Chris

Back in November I was contacted by by Matt Romano from Adnet Interactive (a Media Whiz company, they also own Text-link-ads) who was apparently their head of network development. He signed up my literature site to run popunders at a nice flat rate with unlimited inventory that was enough to earn him my top spot. The terms were net 30.

I searched for comments on these companies by other publishers but could find anything negative about them, and they seemed professional, so I had no qualms about signing up. Now I get offers from ad networks and affiliate programs frequently, but most I don’t follow through with because so many networks out there rip off publishers. Yet, I decided to give these guys a try.

There was a slight issue with their ad display, they said they’d take all my daily uniques, but in reality they only ended up taking about a third, still, it was good money.

The December payment was due at the end of January, it never came. Many email complaints later I finally got it almost at the end of February and they offered many excuses, explaining how it had been mailed, etc. It was postmarked February 22nd.

At the end of February I also suspended ad display with them, and its too bad too because that was when I was on the frontpage of Digg &, but it is what I had to do. Once they paid me I turned ads back on though and then turned them off again later when the January payment was not received.

As of now they owe me for January, February, and March. I have an account with Burst!media, and they pay net 90, so I’m not adverse to waiting 3 months for payment, so this has more to do with honesty. The terms were net 30, they delayed. When I questioned them, they made up excuses. Now I haven’t gotten an email reply from them in 2 weeks and if I call their listed contact number I just get some chick’s voicemail at Media Whiz’s office. No menu or receptionist, or even company greeting. Spiffy.

UPDATE 4-4-07
Someone at their company (maybe thanks to Google Alerts) saw this post and they’ve really tried to make things right. Apparently a series of unfortunate events happened.

One thing is when they initially setup my account they made an error and they were supposed to setup the account for autopayment monthly and instead it was set to invoicing where I had to send them an invoice for payment (which I didn’t know I had to do, oops).

The other thing is somehow I wasn’t getting Matt Romano’s emails. He could get my emails, but his replies weren’t coming through. They didn’t get stuck in my spam filter, but I think maybe my server’s firewall might have been blocking his IP. It could be an IP of theirs was used to do a drone brute force attack and my server banned it automatically as it tends to do. Regardless, he was trying to email me, just failing.

So I received two calls from them today, one from a vice president, who apologized and explained the issues and I believed him. They are a very large company, stiffing me on this relatively small payment doesn’t make sense. They’re now overnighting me the checks, which is nice.

Once I receive the checks I will hopefully continue to run ads with them, its a good rate and they have excellent inventory. Hopefully we will not have problems in the future.

I thought about deleting this post, but then people would only suspect them of threatening me into removal, so I thought an update would be best. I may even eventually write a formal review on them for the site, but I use them in a rather informal way (no real account to login into like a typical adnetwork, just providing them inventory for individual campaigns).

10 Responses to “Media Whiz & AdNet Interactive”

  1. 10365  Says:

    thanks, I was going to try them out .. I´ll pass

  2. Jay  Says:

    Somewhat ironic that 2 of the 3 adsense ads that loaded when I first viewed this page are text-link-ads advertisements lol. At any rate, sorry to hear about your bad experience, and thanks for the warning!

  3. Michael  Says:

    never heard of them, but will also never use them after reading your feedback chris

  4. Marc  Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Chris.

  5. Dan  Says:

    “The December payment was due at the end of February”

    You mean January right?

  6. Chris  Says:

    Yup, I meant January.

  7. Ken Barbalace  Says:

    Another company to watch out for is (they used to call themselves They never paid me for the ads they ran on my site (I invoiced them correctly based on the contract terms). They didn’t even return my emails. Needless to say I stopped running their ads, but still I’m out three or four months of advertising revenue they owe me.

    What I’ve learned is never to do business with an ad company that requires invoicing unless they pay up front.

  8. Ron W.  Says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’m sorry to hear about your bad luck with those guys. Even though text link ads are our competition, we are familiar with them and we would say they are are usually reliable for payments. The owner, Patrick, is a really helpful and nice guy. Of course, I can’t speak for them and they are our competition.

    With that being said, I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried, but we’re a similar service to TLA and we have a network just as big. “And we pay every month!” Check, Wire, Paypal & Direct Deposit. We also pay 70% for basic accounts.

    Good luck with Media Whiz and let me know if you have any questions about LinkWorth.

  9. Chris  Says:

    I’ve updated the post for those who didn’t see it. They’ve made things right.

  10. PreferNotToSay  Says:

    These experiences aren’t atypical of what I’ve seen with this ad network and with another one. Invoicing in your case maybe makes sense, but I had another advertiser claim I needed to invoice them. It was just a stalling maneuver and is completely unnecessary. In the off chance it is necessary, it’s due to complete lack of organization which is just as bad. These companies that use yieldmanager DECIDE how much they’re going to pay you. What’s the point in sending an invoice? They have the stats, they’re deciding what to pay you. It’s just more runaround.

    As for the other problems, I had the same issues. It boils down to this: Yes they will pay you. They will probably pay net 60 or faster, but probably not net 30, which is what they claim. That said, I’ve been with them about a year and it’s been ok once I changed my expectations as to payment date.

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