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A Review of CubeCart 4

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This review has been updated, please read the updated CubeCart review before making any purchasing decisions. I came to CubeCart via a circuitous route, it was never my first choice, however the path I took to get there is a useful lesson, and so I shall share it. I’ve been planning a new site selling […]

Find Suppliers for Ecommerce Sites

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This question was asked what I solicited reader opinions on what to blog about, it has also been asked recently in PMs to me a couple times, so I decided to tackle it today. When I first wanted to get into ecommerce I did what I’m sure many of you have done and worked the […]

Trustmarks, and why I think HackerSafe is a waste of money

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A trustmark is a badge placed on your site that gives consumers a feeling of security so that they will buy from you. It doesn’t mean actual security, just the perception of security. You can get a trustmark from your SSL provider, which means they verified your phone number and you paid for it, hardly […]

One Product Ecommerce Update

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This is an update to my previous post on the topic. My compost tumbler site is now profitable. My total development costs were $1000 almost on the nose, and my marketing costs were around $800. With a profit of $40-$60 per sale depending on specific product model I needed 36 sales to pass my original […]

Why Don’t You Have an Ecommerce Site?

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Ecommerce is solidly about half my business. Right now I have big projects in the works on both the ecommerce and publishing sides, and the success of those projects could tip the scales further, but right now it is around 50/50. I’m speaking of profit, in total revenue ecommerce wins by a long shot thanks […]

An Experiment in One-Product Ecommerce

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I just finished a new ecommerce site, Organic Compost Tumbler, that sells just one product. This type of ecommerce site has unique concerns not found in other ecommerce sites, but just because you are only selling one product does not mean you can’t be successful. The biggest factor in one-product ecommerce I believe is item […]

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