Google, Jules Verne, and Me

February 8th, 2011 by Chris

This has happened to me before, but I’m unsure if I’ve blogged about it.

Do you ever wonder what Google homepage links are worth? What kind of traffic?

I have the luxury of ranking well for many, many, classic literature authors, usually top 3, often #2 only behind wikipedia (and before wikipedia went all nofollow a few years ago, I usually beat them, because they link to me heavily).

Every time Google celebrates an author’s birthday with a fancy logo, that logo is often a link to a Google search for that author’s name, which is where I come in.

Traffic spiked yesterday, and so I find out why. It was Jules Verne’s birthday, Google made a fancy logo, it was linked to their search results, and I was #2 (behind Wikipedia). As of right now, very early on Tuesday, the graphic is still up.

What did this graphic get me? 20,000 unique visitors above average for that keyword as per Google analytics. Each visitor also viewed on average over 4 pages, which is pretty above average for that site, so almost 100,000 extra page views.

This translated directly to hundreds of dollars of extra advertising revenue. Though, YTD ad performance has not yet matched the gold rush that was last November and early December.

If only Google would celebrate Jules Verne for a whole week, but I imagine it’ll be down later today.

Update: Best Day Ever

Google left the logo up all day on 2/8/11, at least it was still up when I went to bed, and it was gone this morning.

Having the logo up all day certainly helped more than it did for part of the day on 2/7. 44,500 extra unique visitors. 2.89 pages per visit (a little less than the day before). But that seems to be because they clicked more ads, so that isn’t a bad thing.

Overall, this created my best day ever for advertising revenue, and for site traffic. My previous best day ever was Black Friday, November 29th 2010. Today killed that. Absolutely killed it. Now my eCPM wasn’t the best ever, that was back around late November early December, my previous high. I can only imagine how much I would have made if I had the traffic I had yesterday with the eCPM I had during the Christmas season last year.

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