Watchout: eWeb Financial, Work from Home Opportunity

November 17th, 2009 by Chris

Have I become the guardian of Internet get rich quick gimmicks and or misleading business promotion opportunities? Apparently, I guess, since so many of my recent blog posts deal with such. I suppose this has something to do with the recession, people are out of work and other people are looking to prey on those out of work.

I am reminded all the time of that episode of “That 70′s Show” where Jackie falls for a modeling agency scam getting her to pay $200 for headshots and consulting. Jackie only realizes it is a scam when the agency gives Donna the same pitch (Jackie believes she is far better looking than Donna and if the agency is also interested in Donna, it must be a scam). Funnily enough my brother and his wife fell for this same scam in real life.

Anyways, I digress, late last night and then again today a company called eWeb Financial called me about a work from home business opportunity. They said I filled out a survey saying I was interested in such things, when pressed they could not answer where or how I filled out said survey. They called my home number in an obvious violation of the do not call registry which I am on. Of course, I know I would never fill out such a survey, I already happen to make quite a bit of money. I decided to be a little snarky and rather than just hangup I laid the sarcasm on the salesman pretty thick explaining how successful I am and he kept pushing, saying “You can always have another poker in the fire.” and whatnot. It was funny, really, how hard he was working, and I was just messing with him.

Anyways, doing a little research with Google I find their website,, which is a great example of frontpage-template-quality design. And a few other complaints such as this one here.

As near as I can tell this company sets up turnkey affiliate shop sites and then charges you a few hundred dollars for them. For anyone interested in this work from home opportunity let me set a few things straight for you.

Marketing thin-affiliate sites no longer works, hey, I used to do it myself, I made… I don’t know… $40 or $50,000 doing it over the years, but it hasn’t worked in awhile. It worked for a little bit when only a few people were doing it either because only a few people knew how to do it or a few people had the technical knowledge to do it. There is even a tutorial on this site on setting up affiliate sites. But then, everyone started doing it, and the search engines reacting by hitting all sites doing it with bans and penalties, and algorithm shifts, and now it just doesn’t work.

Even if it did work, these aren’t the types of sites you can just “build and they will come” you have to have some way to direct traffic and link-weight too them. Ask yourself, do you already have link-weight you can send to such a site? Do you even know what link-weight is or how to get it? If so, you have no business even trying these things. But, of course, they don’t work anymore anyways.

If you want to make money with affiliate merchant datafeeds you gotta do something other than just duplicate the product catalog on a dummy site. You need an angle, and there are only so few, and most require advanced programming.

I figure if these guys call me twice in an 18 hour period, they gotta be hitting up others too, so let me save you some money, just say no. There are far better, easier, cheaper, and more reliable ways to make money online. Pick a topic, get a free blog from wordpress or blogger, and start writing.

Just remember this, if there is an easy way to make money online, a million Indians and Chinese are ALREADY doing it, and they’re willing to do it for a few dollars of profit, you will never compete.

19 Responses to “Watchout: eWeb Financial, Work from Home Opportunity”

  1. Amik  Says:

    I checked their site only after reading your review. Even if they have used good quality joomla template to develop their website, it does not look impressive at all. It sound nothing more than web design company who will give you some non sense affiliate website or may be duplicate site of their own (might be MLM kind of)

  2. Brandi  Says:

    I worked for Eweb Financial and it seemed to me like it was a scam, but i’m not gonna say for sure. It’s just simply a way for these people to get money off of people, even if it means to scam people. Especially seniors.

  3. Romy  Says:

    Hi Brandy
    so you worked for them,to get people to sign up
    they call and want you to sign up right then and there,I nevr do such thing and then he said he cut the gold package half price for 199.–
    They are just desperate to get you to sign up right then and there.And show you there site listing in AZ as a company in good standing.
    But can not provide a working website but a dummy one !
    Sick how does peopel try to take advantage of others,just another teller marketing !!

  4. Jack  Says:

    Well I just received a phone call from a representative of EWeb Financial. The guy I spoke to couldn’t answer any of my questions neither. I asked him how did he get my name. He said off his computer. So I then asked him what was the email address submitted on their registration or sign up form. He couldn’t answer me that information either. In fact he even went and told me that today was his first day! So I told him to hold the phone for a minute and I went online on my laptop and typed in EWeb Financial. and sure enough, this sight came up.
    He said that the initial investment would be a couple hundred dollars and that I could could probably put that easily on a credit or debit card. I informed him that I was working a full time job now and make more money than I have in a few years, but the one and a half hour drive was eating me up in gasoline. I then wished him good day and hung the phone up! There are legitimate ways to make honest money out there, you just have to do your research.

  5. Corben  Says:

    I’m a college student, and I recently got a call from E web financial with regards to starting up an online business. I knew right away that this was a scam of some sort. You can generally tell when something isn’t right, when they tell you how much money you are going to make, before they tell you how you are supposed to go about making that money. Low and behold I decided to listen to the guy for a couple of minutes, and when he told me the name I put it in google, and about 50 sites that slam the company came up. I then saw that the BBB gave the company an F rating. I then told that to the guy and he hung up. Didn’t even say bye or anything. When you get called by a telemarketer of any kind, make sure you do some research before spitting out some cash. You’ll be thankful you did.

  6. everette  Says:

    i too have been scamed by eweb cr.. told me i have 60 day money back guarantee ,never signed 1 single document . tried to get in touch with coach after coby…. said brian would call had not heard from coach i called for 3 days left message with lady who took call she said she would have the coach call me! still waiting. called my bank they put in dispute . eweb said i signed form / rather funny that i put signature on a piece of paper i never openend or seen .no it is not funny….if you think i’m angry you are not just whistling dixie angry is not the word i wanted to use pi..ed off more like it!!!!!

  7. tutonn  Says:

    I have went through many sites with these kind of home base offer and finally feel I have been deceived with their glittering adds.So I have leaved searching works from those so called sites and start working with gaf.At this moment I am earning my living more or less working with this site. So if anyone wants to find works, suitable to his or her skill(s) can try with this site.Nothing is easy or nothing is tough.So if you have skill and confident enough on your self, can try.

  8. emerald stinson  Says:

    I recently signed up with Eweb Financial–I was skeptical at first because of all the scams out there–they made me feel somewhat at ease by talking me to a government site as well as some sample sights–3 days later a coach called me and we discussed marketing my site– it took a week for my website to get up and running and so far i ‘am pleased with the site–i still havent decided what direction im going to go in marketing but they did build my site and i did receive the money-back guarantee in writing– i will keep everyone posted onhow my business turns out

  9. sanjay bhandari  Says:

    Emerald (and Brandy pl see the last line),

    I would be very interested in knowing how the eweb financial business is working. Is there anything happening after a week now?

    I received exactly a similar call from ITech financial and wondering if that one is legit? Co-incidently, I also received a call from eweb financial and as soon as saw the similarity, I am now skeptical if I did the right thing signing up with itech? [eweb says they are not related to itech...] No contract or terms from itech in writing, they said there was a 90 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. They provide with some advertising money and apparently it gives the opportunity to prove the system before you put your own money to advertise.

    I will update here as well in a week or so as I know better.


    Any additional comments/experience related to any of the above?

  10. EWEB Alert  Says:


  11. diane  Says:

    eweb financial is now freedomfinancials BEWARE

  12. Bonnie  Says:

    After reading these comments my worst fears have been realized. I was stupid enough to fall for it as I am hurting financially. I gave them $199.00 in April and have not gotten one penny back on my investment. I just hope that they don’t use my credit card info for anything else. Thank you for opening my eyes. It is really disgusting that this type of thing is allowed to go on, preying on hard working people!!Is there any government agency that can stop this from happening!!?

  13. Brenda  Says:

    I received a call from itech financial offering me a “turn-key” business opportunity. It’s interesting that all of the comments made here were part of the conversation I had with them. They offered to take $100 off the purchase price of any of the 3 “starter” packages they offer. When I commented that I wasn’t sure about it, the Senior Business Consultant asked me to hold for a minute. When he came back to the call, he offered to sell me the Platinum package, normally $499 for $250 if I acted now. When I told him I wanted time to research the company he said the best research I could do was make the purchase and see how well it worked. I still answered no. I am so glad I wasn’t talked into this!

  14. Former Itech Financial Employee  Says:

    Itech Financial also goes by the name Itech Solutions, so be careful about that! An Itech “Sr. Business consultant” does not use his real name in fear of being recognized by customers from OTHER companies. They are a scam, just out to get your money. They tell you that they don’t make any money off the initial investment, which is bullshit. That’s what pays the “Sr Business Consultants’” salaries. When the telemarketers tells you they dont know the information on how they got your name and what not, is TRUE. They wanted us to know as little as possible, so that we thought we were selling quality product. DO NOT invest in this, affiliate marketing online DOES NOT WORK!

  15. Barbara  Says:

    I am a senior citizen and was talked into purchasing a website back in August. Have not made a dime. I was called again by someone called James to purchase a new domain name+Google AdSense+ Amazon Associate Store+ Hosting for six months+Referrals for &500. This was November 17, 2010. I was told that I needed to sign up and pay it that day to be ready to take advantage of “Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as Christmas shopping. He said 50,000 hits would com to my site to shop. After signing the agreement and allowing him to charge my credit card, he said that he would call right back and set up new website. He didn’t. I had to keep trying to call him and leaving messages with his office manager who didn’t seem to know him. This was on November 17. After several days, he finally returned my call and told me that it would be up abd running the middle of next week. Today in December 4 and I missed Black Friday, Cyber Monday and on my way to missing anyone shopping for Christmas. Is there anything I can do to get my money back?

  16. Sanajy Bhandari  Says:

    Did you ask for a refund from the company? If not, you may want to do that first. You are still within the 90 day money back guarantee. You can always call your credit card company and ask them to get the money back because they did not deliver what they promised (Your website was not set up by Black Friday and even today) and it is still within 90 day refund warranty. Usually they will put the account in dispute and refund the money.

    I had paid ITech and I got the money back from the company as they could not provide me concrete information on the business and references. In fact I would say that in many ways they were the ones who came back to me and initiated the refund because they did not have answers to my questions and commented that this was probably not the business best suited for me. A graceful way to back out.

  17. SCOTT  Says:

    I too bought into this scam.I thought it would be agood idea to do something like this. Boy what a sucker I am! Itcost me $199.00.I’m disputing the charge on my credit card. When I asked for a refund, she wasn’t so nice anymore! The lady I spoke to said I could TRY and get my money back! I also can not believe how these “companies”are so brazen to rip or should I say TARGET your average citizen! All these people that do this should be thrown into jail! I also bought the biggest scam out there. Wealth Without Risk. This cost me $2295.00!! She gave me a “generous” $200.00 off the “regular” price! When I requested a refund she got very defensive! As if I did something wrong! The reason I wanted out is because the level of “coaching” I had “recieved” was a joke! Its virtually impossible to get ahold of anyone! Ypur playing either phone or e-mail tag! In order to succeed in a program such as this,I think its critical to have verbal instruction! Not stupid e-mails! This “lady” accused me of putting her name on the internet{LIE].This was without question the worst experience I’ve ever encounterd!Even with repeated threats of a lawsuit,I’m still waiting for a refund!! I finally recieved some documents to sign and I did. I want closure!Its been over aweek now and I”m still waiting! {Ifaxed all the documents back to her}.They of course had to deduct the cost of the invaluable coaching so I;m getting back [atleast I'm supposed to]$1542.00. This man is just another crook! I’ll never fall for this crap ever again!! If I had known how hard this was going to be I never would have done this!If it sounds to good to be true it usually is! Saen Higgins is living proof of this!!!!!!

  18. Champ  Says:

    eWeb Financial is not recommend to do business with. I spent $499 Platinum Package:

    Includes 60 name brand stores on your website. Unlimited access to advertising coach to help promote and generate Internet traffic.

    No one or coach talk to me.

  19. اثار  Says:

    I had paid ITech and I got the money back from the company as they could not provide me concrete information on the business and references. In fact I would say that in many ways they were the ones who came back to me and initiated the refund because they did not have answers to my questions and commented that this was probably not the business best suited for me. A graceful way to back out.

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