Save 25% at Best of the Web with Coupon

December 4th, 2008 by Chris

Best of the Web What I consider the #3 Internet directory (and surely, miles ahead of any #4) is running a 25% off coupon. This is the largest discount I’ve ever seen them run and can save you a big chunk of change on directory submissions. The coupon code is “BLIZZARD” and it expires on January 10th.

Their cost for a one time submission is $250, so 25% off is about $60. Nice savings that. I wish I had a few projects I’m working on done so that I could take advantage of this coupon, alas I do not. I think perhaps in the future what I’ll do is not submit anything until they have a sale, I don’t think I’ll see 25% off again, but they do run other coupons a couple times a year.

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