A Reminder on Link Buying

October 10th, 2007 by Chris

If you read Matt Cutts’ blog you’re no stranger to the knowledge that Google is cracking down on link buying & selling, and Danny Sullivan recently wrote a decent summary of the entire issue for those who haven’t been keeping up with things.

I thought this would then be a prime time to remind people the right way to buy links.

If you read this blog, or my articles, or the forum here, you probably already know what I’m going to say. That is that you cannot be lazy when buying links. The lazy thing is to go to a link broker and just buy random links on the basis of PageRank or Alexa rating and not care how or where your links get posted.

You do not want your link crammed in some spammy site’s footer between a link to a car insurance site and a viagra site, you don’t want that.

What you want to do is spend time finding link partners individually, not through a brokerage service. You want to personally contact them and work out a unique agreement with them. You want to ensure their content is related to your site and you want your link to be optimally placed within their content in such as way as it looks like they naturally added it.

I cover this topic in more depth here and also somewhat here.

I also have done this very thing most recently to help my one-product ecommerce site. I contacted bloggers individually, and asked them to write a review in exchange for a free product ($250 value, to them anyways, my cost is a little less). It worked. I got long, detailed, posts, and targeted links. I of course only chose the best blogs for this as it was an expensive product to give for free.

On the flip side, if you want to sell links, you also have to put more work into it. Don’t settle for a bunch of cheap links you can cram together, spend time finding that company that is willing to pay more for a more prominent content-embedded link. Do not cheapen your site by whoring out links for cheap. You’re in this for the long haul aren’t you? If you want your site to last you need to maintain it’s quality & integrity and that means saying no to cheap untargeted link offers.

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