What to Blog About?

August 26th, 2007 by Chris

I’ve had a hard time recently thinking of things to blog about. I’ve never been a “diary-type” blogger where I simply summarize my daily activities or post little personal tidbits, rather I’ve always been a more educational type blogger, taking inspiration from my daily activities or business dealings to construct longer educational posts. What I tend to do is if I run into a problem, issue, or achievement in my business I think about whether it would do best presented informally or formally and so decide if I’ll write a blog post about it or instead use it as inspiration for an article. Even in my other blogs I do things the same way, always writing more educational and what I think is useful content than just personal random thoughts.

However, the problem is my business has been in a holding pattern for a few months. I’ve got 4 big projects being worked on by 4 different programmers (or groups of programmers) none of which are done yet. I’ve got two additional small projects being worked on by yet more programmers, but those should be done soon. Then I’ve got 2 manufacturing projects in the work, which are progressing but slowly as things normally do, and finally two ecommerce site ideas, one of which is merely in the planning stage, the other should hopefully be launched by October. But nothing is done, there is no news, no new developments, I’m just waiting for the work to be completed.

So, in short, my muse has dried up.

I’ve decided to reach out to you, my readers, what do you want me to blog about? Is there something you’ve always wondered about my business? Do you want my advice on a particular issue? Please, comment on this post with your questions and ideas, tell me about the types of posts (in general, or as specific as you like) that you want to see.

9 Responses to “What to Blog About?”

  1. Nico  Says:

    One type of post that i really like are the “case studies” types or step-by-step, like the one you did about your One product Ecommerce site. I would like to see more of those.

    Some comments/info on how to sell/buy a website, and everything surrounding that, would be an interesting topic.

    Im also curious on more personal things, like how You started in this and what mistakes did you make that we can learn about. Also what you think about the future of website publishing.

    Just my 2 cents. I like the way you handle the Blog.

  2. Marc  Says:

    Well here is an idea and I don’t know how much experience you have with this, so maybe I’m wanting to get a think out loud post out of you. Private Advertising. I’m seeing a big shift with bloggers into private advertising. Not that they are giving networks up entirely, but a lot more venturing to sell their own ads. I think this is because the networks take such a big cut. So what are your thoughts on this and are you doing it?

  3. Dan Grossman  Says:

    Is it possible to find a dropship supplier for any sellable product without making phone calls to China all day?

  4. Ken Barbalace  Says:


    What I really like about your blog posts are that even though they are very infrequent, they are very useful. I especially like when you combat myths and misconceptions with sound logic and evidence. Likewise, I appreciate posts that help confirm or clarify widely held SEO beliefs.

    In the sea of self appointed gurus it is nice to have a few voices I can rely on.

  5. Peter  Says:

    I’m sure this will echo others, like what Nico posted above….

    Probably the biggest reason I’ve enjoyed reading the things you’ve posted in various venues over the years is your willingness to share concrete examples based on your own personal experience.

  6. Vidar  Says:

    I would be interested in reading about how you find programmers, how you keep track of and how you communicate with them, and what cms you’re using etc.

  7. Raynor  Says:

    I love those step-by-step guides. The one pruduct Ecommerce site was great. You made it sound so easy, I would like to see more of these and more practical/educational posts obout how things get done.

  8. Ronny  Says:

    I enjoy your step-by-step guides too – What do you say about a guide for buying a working site and improving it? It’s a direction I’m considering myself, but I’m not sure where and how to start.

    Thanks Chris :)

  9. The China Tattler  Says:

    Newcomers to the world of SEO quickly learn that most of the blogs and articles about website promotion come in two flavours: Overly boring technical jargon-laced pieces or overly boring plagarised but dumb-downed pieces.

    Neither of which are helpful for the beginner who wants to make a successful money-making site.

    How about more true-life stories of normal people who have developed great sites…not just those related to SEO.

    Your site does better than most.

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