Link Building Methodologies

March 30th, 2007 by Chris

New article published today, Link Building Methodologies. This is quite an opus on many different methods of building incoming links. In total it is around 5000 words and over 10 pages printed.

This is yet another big SEO article, I’ve written a few recently. I have a few more to write and then I plan to create a new SEO Guide on this site. It will really just be a subsection of my “How to Build a Successful Website” guide but it will have it’s own intro page. The reason is simply that most of the recommendations this site gets are for SEO information, but there isn’t a good landing page for those people, this will be a landing page. In total the SEO portion of my guide should end up around 50 pages printed, and all for free of course.

Then of course once the SEO section of my success guide is done I’ll be able to progress further in my rewriting it and hopefully get in done in a couple months.

As always, diggs, links, or other mentions are appreciated.

3 Responses to “Link Building Methodologies”

  1. MaxS  Says:


    Will read it a bit later when I have time.

  2. MaxS  Says:

    Oops, I dugg the wrong link.


    (feel free to delete earlier comment)

  3. Ken Barbalace  Says:

    Another great article Chris.

    In regards to link baiting via controversial articles. In a way it is sad, but I have found when it comes to getting links controversy trumps quality always. An article can be of the highest quality, but if it isn’t on a controversial topic it will not get very much attention. On the other hand if it is on a controversial topic, it will start to garner attention just as soon as the RSS feed is updated.

    The trick is to keep the quality of the controversial articles high and not to allow the need for controversial articles to completely rule editorial decisions.

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