Google going CPA

March 20th, 2007 by Chris

As per this blog post Google is officially adding a CPA component to Adsense/Adwords.

They of course don’t mention the word “CPA” or “affiliate program” at all, characterizing it instead as an expansion of their Google Pack referrals, but we all know what it is.

This could be good, or it could be bad. On one hand a new way to make money is good, on the other hand CPA programs often vastly favor the advertiser.

3 Responses to “Google going CPA”

  1. Andrew Johnson  Says:

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about this hurting publishers. Google is adding CPA because its going to bring in more money, not less. Content sites with really low quality traffic may not benefit, but I think thats an independent issue.

    Its the cost per action advertisers who have the biggest potential to be hurt in the amount of data they are sharing with Google. The Adwords Quality score has proven pretty well that Google is very much interested in driving up ad costs. Affiliate marketers bragging of getting 3 digits ROI’s daily certainly has Google interested.

  2. Dan  Says:

    Personally I think Google will be smart here. They already score keywords/ads and those not generating a certain CTR aka earning are pulled.

    Those in the display business know there is not such thing as a base CTR for all display inventory as creative has a lot to do with it and Google will not allow CPA advertisers that do not make them and the publisher money.

  3. Erin  Says:

    I just saw this enabled and am trying it out on my forum, using a rotator. I hope to be able to compare the results.

    Reminds me of the ‘bad old days’ with CJ. Here’s hoping that Google does better.

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