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March 1st, 2007 by Chris

I often recommend Best of the Web as a good directory to submit to after Yahoo. They’re one of the few legitimate larger directories out there that take paid submissions and if you’re site is in a high profit niche, or is an ecommerce site, it is almost always worth the expense. Find out more about their costs here .

In addition to their main directory they also have a blog directory which is either cheap or free depending on how quickly you want it reviewed.

Whats nice though is they just emailed me a coupon for March entitling visitors to 20% off either submission. Pretty nice I think. If you were putting off this submission or hadn’t made up your mind yet if you thought it was worth the expense, maybe the coupon will make a difference.

The coupon code is 4LEAFCLOVER.

2 Responses to “Directory Submissions for Less”

  1. Dan  Says:

    I have a listing there I did not even know about, so thanks for the heads up, albeit by proxy.

    It looks like they use(d) DMOZ – are they still pulling content from it?

  2. Ken Barbalace  Says:

    Thanks for the coupon code, I just submitted my site using it. Its kind of nice that the discount wasn’t a one time thing if you use Paypal. Paypal will set up an annual recurring subscription at the discounted rate.

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