Google finally releases more link data

February 6th, 2007 by Chris

Back in October I posted about doing link research and I recommended using Yahoo Site Explorer for your link research since it was better than Google. Google since its inception, had never delivered full and accurate link information…. until now.

As per a blog post at Google Webmaster Central they have vastly expanded their link reporting for people who have verified their sites with Google Sitemaps. They basically now offer the same data as Yahoo, but actually in a more usable way. They break down total links from external pages, from internal pages, they provide a total listing of all the links to all pages on your site, and provide lists of every page on your site with the number of links pointing to that page. All very good.

The only catch is this information is only available to the site owner, so you cannot use this to research competitors as with Yahoo, but still, it is a nice feature to have. Be sure to check it out by logging into Google Sitemaps and clicking on the new “Link”s tab.

2 Responses to “Google finally releases more link data”

  1. Alex  Says:

    It is a long expected tool. I just can’t understand why Google did not release that before.

  2. Ken Barbalace  Says:

    Google’s like data is more usable than Yahoo’s, however at least for me, Google is only showing half as many links as Yahoo. Still Google’s data is very helpful given one can download it as a CSV file and manipulate it to one’s desire. The most valuable thing to me will be figuring out what types of pages people link to the most and what types of articles generate the most links.

    I don’t want to totally determine the articles I publish based on what will generate links, but it will be helpful in prioritizing my articles.

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