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February 5th, 2007 by Chris

I have posted previously on bragging about your content. It is something I really believe in now and I plan on writing a full article about it and other human optimizations.

I’ve been going through my sites the last year or so and doing updates and upgrades rather than building as many new sites. Many of my sites are built on public domain content, which is by definition almost always duplicated somewhere else, and so I have often worried about duplicate content causing a downfall. I work hard to add unique content to all my sites though and in anycase if my sites raise a flag with a directory editor, or a search engine human reviewer, I want them to feel validated in including my site.

So anyways this past weekend I was doing work on my wilderness survival site and I added a new forum to it, something I have been putting off. But also I decided to do a little more to brag about my content with this site. So, I moved the “As Seen In” mentions to the very top of the page from the very bottom. And I moved the network links (this site is one of 3 in a little “Training Network”) from the very top to the bottom of the left menu. I figure I’d rather have the text at the top telling visitors, editors, and reviewers, that this is a quality site. Then I don’t need the text links anywhere prominent, they’re worth the same to me regardless of where they are on the page.

I’m bringing this up and blogging about this because previously I really emphasized mentioning content statistics when bragging about them, but site accolades, something often are stuck in the footer, are worth mentioning prominently as well. I’m of course not talking about something like a “Golden Web Award” but rather real legitimate accolades or media mentions.

The fact is, people are gullible. If you tell them a site is good, if you show them other opinions of a site being good, they’ll believe you, and having their belief is important for obtaining directory listings, incoming links, repeat visitors, word of mouth traffic, and perhaps most importantly making sure you’re site is not mistaken for spam if a one of Google’s human reviewers comes across it.

2 Responses to “More on Content Bragging”

  1. Mark1  Says:

    On the subject of bragging, I think your approach is even too “conservative”, considering the way nowadays most sites/blogs brag about their content or the owner’ success.
    1 example for all, this blog is simply a great resource, good content, and it is quite obvious the people behind it are professionals ( you know where to send the check right? :-) ).But you dont brag enough , ehe , I mean take a look at, is that what you consider good content?
    But the man keeps bragging about the money, but you know he wants to help you to make money..yeah right.
    Don’t get me wrong he’s a great marketer, and more kudos to him and his 250000 unique a month.
    So Chris, you need to brag a lot more , I want to see the picture of your adsense check right here!

  2. Chris  Says:

    Thats not content bragging, talking up your site so people are reassured they’re visiting quality. That is talking up and bragging about yourself. The problem with those types of people is you can never know if they’re doing it just for attention as a link baiting attempt, or as a way to justify an overpriced ebook or conference.

    The goal of this site and blog is to educate and there is no possible way to learn from a post that says “Hey, look at me, I’m great, I make this much, see here is a screenshot.” Such a post teaches nothing, it only acts as an attention whore.

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