New Type of Adsense Channels

January 25th, 2007 by Chris

Just a quick heads up for those who do not know.

Yesterday Adsense started using a new featured that allows you to define channels as more than just a way for you to keep track of earnings, but also as a way for advertisers to bid on your site. So when doing site targetted ads an advertiser can now, assuming you set these channels up, bid on only certain placements within your site. Hopefully this means they will be more likely to make such bids.

The official announcement, which came today, can be found here. Forum discussion can be found here.

This item has been in beta awhile, I seem to recall getting an email about that in the past, but the first place I heard of it being launched this week was in our very own forums. Thanks Michael for posting about it.

3 Responses to “New Type of Adsense Channels”

  1. Darren  Says:

    It is a great feature – but it’s not new. It was originally announced in November but from what I can tell very few publishers actually did anything about it which is why I think they wrote about it on their blog today.

  2. Chris  Says:

    I knew I had heard about it before.

  3. Ken Barbalace  Says:

    I was one of those publishers who was slow to discover this new channel feature, but I really like it. I think it could become a very powerful way to attract advertisers to one’s site.

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