One More Reason to Hate SEO Contests

January 22nd, 2007 by Chris

I think SEO contests are stupid. Honestly? What serious professional would waste their time trying to win a contest when you can use your link equity and abilities to rank your own sites to the point where they will earn you, every month, more than what the prize is worth?

In general as such these SEO contests end up attracting only amateurs, spammers, and unoriginal thinkers from all over the world who cannot think of any real website to make and so rely on such things as a way to make money. I think they’re a detriment to the industry in the way that they encourage spam and unprofessional behavior.

To give you an example, SE Roundtable reports that, because of the most recent travesty of a contest, they are adding rel=nofollow to all their links again. I have hundreds and hundreds of valid Wikipedia links, all of which were gotten purely by providing good content, so this seriously pisses me off.

3 Responses to “One More Reason to Hate SEO Contests”

  1. Peter Davis  Says:

    I think Wikipedia did the right thing in adding nofollow. What they really should do is add a serious editorial control of outgoing links, but that creates a paradox for them because the whole concept of the Wikipedia is there aren’t editorial controls. So it’s a real quandry for them, with the massive amounts of spam they receive. So, yea, this is the easy way out for them, but I don’t see they have much other choice.

  2. flash dev  Says:

    I think Wikipedia did the right thing. I would also suggest people start using nofollow on their links TO wikipedia. I’m tired of seeing Wikipedia ranked on the first page of Google, if I wanted to look at Wikipedia I would of searched it first.

  3. Andrew Johnson  Says:

    I don’t think that the nofollow in Wikipedia even matters. The fact is Wikipedia is one of the most reliable sources of links on the web, even if there is spam in there.

    As for SEO contests in general, they just seem boring to me, along with nearly every other lame contest I’ve seen or been in. (Ok, I like watching those hotdog eating contests on TV.)

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