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December 15th, 2006 by Chris

As part of my process of redesigning & rewriting this site I’ve updated two SEO articles today, and since updated articles don’t get front page billing I thought I’d mention them here.

The first is Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals and is set to be the main launching point for all my other SEO articles. Most of the information is basic and shouldn’t be new to any readers of this blog, but the first page does deal with a new concept, or atleast one I haven’t written about previously, a fundamentalist SEO philosophy.

The second is All About Link Popularity & PageRank which was simply updated to fix things that have changed since I wrote it back almost 4 years ago. For instance I was repeatedly mentioning AltaVista as another major engine. It is weird to think of how much as changed in such a short time. Back then the big 4 were Google, Altavista, Inktomi, and AlltheWeb. Yahoo didn’t have their own index yet, and bought 3 of those to make it. MSN didn’t have their own index. Teoma ( was a glint in his daddy’s eye. In retrospect 4 years seems like a short time, but so much has happened.

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  1. Dave White  Says:

    Well I haven’t gone through the articles completely but according to the description given here I do think that those two articles are worth reading. I will make sure that I do read those two as soon as possible to add to my little knowledge as well.

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