Why .edu links shouldn’t (and aren’t) be given bonuses

December 8th, 2006 by Chris

Many people believe .edu links should give special bonuses, less people believe it now that Google has flat out said they don’t, but still some do.

Check out these google results (though hurry, I did fill out a spam report so they may be removed). Notice that 4 of the top 5 results are spam, notice they are .edu TLDs, and notice that it is some of the worst and most blatant spam I’ve ever seen at the top of a SERP. Notice as well too that the spam actually spans 3 different .edu TLDs. If .edu TLDs had arbitrary blanket bonuses, these pages would benefit. Now why would Google do that?

3 Responses to “Why .edu links shouldn’t (and aren’t) be given bonuses”

  1. Ken Barbalace  Says:

    Whoa that is some pretty amazing spam! How the heck did you figure that search phrase out?

  2. Sucker  Says:

    Looks like some morally challenged college kids!

  3. Agua  Says:

    I found a .edu site recently which, wasn’t as bad a spam as the ones you posted, had around 150 (which I could find) doorway pages pointing at it. It had pr5 and top listing for certain keywords in google… very annoying…

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