Who is Dev Tej Kohli ?

July 27th, 2006 by Chris

On multiple forums I’ve had a new user named “Dev Tej Kohli” register in the past week and post a very simple thread:

Hi-this is Dev Tej Kohli

I am new to this forum.

Thnx for accepting my registration .

In doing some research. I found that he has registered at tens of thousands of vbulletin forums this same way.

There isn’t any commercial aspect to his messages as of yet, but it is possible the second phase of his attack is to edit his posts or profile to include a link.

What is most alarming is that he has apparently devised a very efficient automated method of defeating vbulletin’s CAPTCHA and email confirmation features. This series of posts could merely be a proof of concept before launching a full scale spam attack.

My recommendations to forum owners would be to ban this individual if or when he registers, ban his IP address, and be on the look out for similar activity as it may be a prelude to spam. I also hope that perhaps the new vBulletin 3.6 fixes this or that the vBulletin team are atleast aware that thier verification procedures have been compromised and can release a patch without too much delay.

2 Responses to “Who is Dev Tej Kohli ?”

  1. Marc James  Says:

    Wow, interesting. He registered on my site, too, so I am glad to know about this.

  2. TeamGrowth  Says:

    The interesting thing I have observed about this person registering in various forums is that in most forums that he has registered and posted, this introduction thread of his doesn’t belong to the ‘welcome center’ but in wrong sections like SEO articles, ‘Marketing forum’ etc

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