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January 31st, 2011 by Chris

Google has said they are coming down hard on content farms, or places with non unique content.

Well, unfortunately, stealing content has become quite commonplace on the Internet, and you may think that your content is unique but since losers the world over are stealing it, it isn’t.

I decided to do some copyright checking today, and found dozens and dozens of places stealing my content. I sent out many DMCA notices.

This was easier because a couple years ago I made a DMCA Form Generator that I never released. Why not? Well… I couldn’t get the PHP to PDF function to work like I wanted to, but everything else worked fine except that. I decide I should just release it and disable that function for now. So…

Website Publisher DMCA Form Generator

This thing is awesome, and if you have a fax machine hooked up to your computer it will save you tons of time.

First of all, you have to be a forum member to use it, so go ahead, register, its free.

Then visit the page and there is a database of 3000+ hosting companies already in, you search for the name, if you find it, great, if not, add the host yourself (eventually, as people use it, all hosts should be covered). Then you can create a form for the host and the form is automatically populated with their contact information, a few fill in the blanks and then you sign it? How do you sign it? Well, you could print it out, sign it, and then fax or mail it, but why kill trees?

Upload an image of your signature to the site and it will be put at the bottom of all your forms, signing accomplished.

Then just print to fax, and send it to the web host for the person stealing your content. You can send a DMCA notice to any web host without touching a piece of paper.

The site will save a copy of your form in an archive as a record you have access to for whatever you might need it for.

Give it a try. No one to send it to? Go to one of your most popular articles (that you own the copyright to of course) copy a full sentence, bracket it in quotations and then search Google for that sentence. I bet you find someone somewhere with your article. If not, consider yourself lucky.

Sometime soon I am going to write a long webmaster copyright article that covers DMCA notifications and other things in more detail.

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  1. Asha  Says:

    This is great generator. there is many people stealing my guest poster and mine’s contents. thanks for such a great article.

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