April, 2006

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To Paginate, or Not to Paginate

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When creating a new article driven site a website publisher often must decide if they will paginate their articles, that is cut them up into multiple pages, or to simply have longer one page articles. This issue is complicated if you’re coding your own CMS as adding page capabilities adds one more degree of complexity […]

.EU Domains Live… with a Hitch

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Bob Parson’s blog has a nice post about problems with the .EU domain name landrush. Not since .com has there been a potentially more lucrative TLD released. When I heard about it visions of buying some lucrative domain like sex.eu popped into my head. However I figured that I wasn’t European and it just wasn’t […]

Optimizing for a Question

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You do not need to dominate generic keywords to have a successful website. The website simply has to make more money than you put into it (or more than what your time is worth if all you put into it is time). A website that only makes $100 a month is successful if it requires […]

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