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Facebook Ads: Still Ridiculously Cheap & Useful

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If I were Google, I would be afraid. I grow more and more enamored of Facebook’s ad platform every day. I am now probably spending 50x more money with Facebook than I do with Google. See here for my first post on Facebook’s ad platform. On one set of keywords, for instance, I can get […]

CRE Loaded on sale for just $1

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You would almost think this is an April Fools joke. It isn’t. The people are CRE Loaded have put their PRO and B2B shopping carts on sale for $1.11. That is today only. This is a ridiculously good deal. I have not written a review on CRE yet, but it is the cart I’ve used […]

Demand Media’s IPO

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What is a content site worth? Previous related posts on this topic here and here. Demand Media recently went public, they’re now trading at an almost 2 billion marketcap (more than the New York Times, which owns quite a few web properties too). Meaning, the market says they are worth about 20x revenue. It has […]

Cyber Monday: Black Friday for Publishers

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Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the US, is called “black friday” because it is supposedly the day the average brick and mortar retailer becomes profitable on the year. Black means positive or profitable in accounting. Retailers launch special, stampede inducing (people have died), sales on this day for people out buying Christmas gifts. […]

Record Days on Google Adsense

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Last month I did a record amount of revenue through Google adsense. This month should surpass that, and yesterday I did a record for a single day. I did make a purchase of a website this Spring which has added to my daily totals, but even factoring that website out I would have hit the […]

Server Attack from WinHttp

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Something is going on with the server this site is on right now. I’m getting thousands of requests with user agents of Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; Win32; WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5), which would appear to be scrapers, but it is very very difficult to ban them, because they’re coming from thousands of different IPs. All trying to view a few […]

X-Cart 4 Review

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I was asked by the people at X-Cart to review their software, I was given a free license for X-Cart Pro 4 and went at it, though, I didn’t really need the “pro” version, the Gold would have done fine. The install was simple an easy, there was one issue I had where I thought […]

Selling one of my sites

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I’m selling one of my sites, for various reasons. My coupon site was once my highest earner, pulling in over $1000 a day. One month’s revenue was the down payment on my house. Then I lost my rankings due to Google algorithm changes which favored a breadth of incoming links instead of a few really […]

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