October, 2006

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Help! My Website is Gone from Google!

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I sometimes am amazed at how easy some articles can be to write. I was reading a forum thread about yet another webmaster being dropped from Google and as I started responding I thought to myself that there was so much information I could say, I might as well write an article. So I sat […]

Doing Link Research

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Researching links is an important activity that every webmaster must do. This encompasses not only researching who links to you, but also who links to your competitors, or where your competitors link, or even finding places where you can get new links. Google was the first search engine to provide a link search that would […]

Christmas Came Early

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Back in July I published one of the most in depth articles I’ve ever written. The article, A Publisher’s Guide to Contextual PPC Ad Optimization, takes a close look at how you can optimize your publishing earnings by tweaking the appearance and placement of ads from Google Adsense, YPN, or the like. At the end […]

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