December, 2006

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A Review of Booksurge

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On my plate of ways to further monetize my literature site has been plans to publish actual books. In one case I’m having a writer work on original content for a book that is encyclopedic in scope. In the other cases I’m publishing in book format the same work I publish in digital format. For […]

Another Two Excellent Google Blog Posts

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There was another excellent post at Google Webmaster Central today that tells all about duplicate content. It is so uncommon to get such straightforward information from Google that this is definitely worth a read. Additionally they answer the question about what TLD to use when targeting a specific country for search, I always intuitively thought […]

Google Talks about Link Building

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No sooner had I posted my last post then I caught this blog post at Google Webmaster Central. Basically they go into slight depth as to what kinds of links you should be getting and how you should be getting them. I mention it only in that it echoes what myself and others here at […]

SEO Article Updates

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As part of my process of redesigning & rewriting this site I’ve updated two SEO articles today, and since updated articles don’t get front page billing I thought I’d mention them here. The first is Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals and is set to be the main launching point for all my other SEO articles. Most […]

Paid Blog Posts

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Andrew at WebPublishingBlog has come out strongly against Pay for Post services, so have many others in this industry. I’m not one of them. One thing Rush Limbaugh does with his endorsements on his radio show is only accept sponsors that he actually recommends. He’ll find a product he likes, and go and ask them […]

Why .edu links shouldn’t (and aren’t) be given bonuses

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Many people believe .edu links should give special bonuses, less people believe it now that Google has flat out said they don’t, but still some do. Check out these google results (though hurry, I did fill out a spam report so they may be removed). Notice that 4 of the top 5 results are spam, […]

Valueclick Acquires

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This’ll be a quick post. It was announced today that Valueclick would acquire for 13.3 million. Valueclick estimates to contribute 2 million in profit to it’s business. Two things I want to mention here are: 1. So much for those people trying to value large established sites as something ridiculous like 12 months […]

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