March, 2007

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Link Building Methodologies

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New article published today, Link Building Methodologies. This is quite an opus on many different methods of building incoming links. In total it is around 5000 words and over 10 pages printed. This is yet another big SEO article, I’ve written a few recently. I have a few more to write and then I plan […]

Two mistakes made by wannabe website publishers

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So many people who want to be profitable website publishers often make the same two mistakes when they first start out. The first major mistake is not trying to think up an original site idea. So many just clone existing sites they know to be popular, Sites that either copy MySpace or provide add-on services […]

Do not fear popunders.

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There is anecdotal evidence that popunders are bad for business. It is said, by many, that they turn away users in droves and that you’re losing out on both traffic and links by using them. Well, that just isn’t true. For most of March I turned popunders off on my literature site. Normally there would […]

Google going CPA

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As per this blog post Google is officially adding a CPA component to Adsense/Adwords. They of course don’t mention the word “CPA” or “affiliate program” at all, characterizing it instead as an expansion of their Google Pack referrals, but we all know what it is. This could be good, or it could be bad. On […]

Cookie Misconceptions

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I was just doing some browsing on my brother’s computer, he uses McAfee and I got to looking into their SiteAdvisor feature, what a load of crap that was. Apparently McAfee relies on the most ignorant of Internet users to review the security of various sites. One that was particularly distasteful was their reviews of […]

Users Hate Interstitials… Right?

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I’m a big fan of interstitials. I see them as the ultimate answer in the ad/ad-blocker arms race. Most of the detractors of the format say they are extremely annoying to users and that people will leave your site. Well… I was just doing some datamining of my site statistics and I noticed a very […]

Directory Submissions for Less

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I often recommend Best of the Web as a good directory to submit to after Yahoo. They’re one of the few legitimate larger directories out there that take paid submissions and if you’re site is in a high profit niche, or is an ecommerce site, it is almost always worth the expense. Find out more […]

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