March, 2006

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Confessions of a Workaholic Webmaster

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Hello everyone! I figured I’d take a break from writing about business and focus on a topic I don’t normally share with anyone, except my inner circle of peers; my personal life as a webmaster. This is a true rarity, so don’t expect many more of these types of blogs from me. When I woke […]

Work on (not in) your business.

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It’s time to stop working. I was having a discussion the other day with a colleague — someone in the website publishing business. He said his projected income for this year is around $50-$60k and we were debating over the point in his business in which he should begin outsourcing the majority of work. He […] Closing Down

Bookmark using any bookmark manager!, a directory owned by Looksmart (see the review I wrote in 2003 here) is closing down as of March 28th as reported by the SE Roundtable. I never thought they’d actually close down, but Looksmart/Zeal was only ever important thanks to MSN, and MSN stopped using them quite a while ago, so this was […]

Market Research: Part I – Finding A Niche

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Market research should be the first step for any webmaster, seasoned or just starting out, when seeking a niche based website to develop. I remember speaking to a fellow webmaster who said something to the tune of “how do I find a new niche, when they are all taken up?”. How can all niches be […]

Amazon Experiments in Forums

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Amazon has launched a new beta feature that creates a forum for individual products thus allowing customers to discuss the product. Sort of like customer reviews 2.0. To see them check out this page and scroll down. I’ve often preached about the qualities of blogs, and its nice to see big business waking up to […]

Boost Your Site with Business Listings

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I just wrote a new article, Using Business Listings to Harness the Power of Local Search, it is about how you can implement a database of small businesses on your site to build traffic by getting listed in local searches. This trick is so easy and so powerful I really considered not sharing it. I […]

Common Mistakes – Chapter 1

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As most of you know, I am new to this whole blogging thing here at WP, but after some deliberating, I think I will start to address different aspects of generating revenue and web promotion topics in specific chapters. We’ll dub this chapter “Common Mistakes”, and we’ll address and focus on things that you probably […]

Another Major Acquisition

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I read this article this morning about NBC Universal buying iVillage. This is yet another in a recent string of major Internet acquisitions. I also like how the article recaps some of the other big ones lately. What I find really neat about this is that the sale of course includes as it is […]

Introduction: Mook

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Hey everyone out there. This is my first time publishing a blog. For the longest time I’ve wanted to get into blogging, but never really had the drive or time for it. Thanks to Chris (Aspen on SP) we worked something out to join together and further help webmasters out. I have a lot of […]

Desire Targeting

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I thought I’d try my hand at creating a new phrase, like “link baiting” and so I thought I’d expand on a topic I have covered previously here. Basically the process of targeting your advertisements not based on your content but based on the desires of your visitors. Targeting advertising & affiliate programs to your […]

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