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Goodbye, 1028, hello, something bigger

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728+300 = 1028. This equation has caused me endless problems. A standard screen resolution is 1028 pixels, but also the sum total horizontal room needed for the two most popular IAB ad units is 1028 pixels. If I want to maximize a website design for ad display that often involves using both 728 pixel wide […]

Server Hacked Thanks to Insecure PHP Script

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I get frustrated sometimes. I run my business, and I probably really could benefit from hiring out more of the work instead of doing it myself, but I have gotten burned so many times. People walking off without finishing jobs, cash in hand, I’ve probably lost $10,000 through the years to that problem. That is […]

Ode to a Forum

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I love forums, they are excellent tools for website publishers with almost no downside and tremendous upside. If you have a site that you think would benefit from a forum, wait not another day, and get it done now. Why are forums good? Well, there are many reasons, lets start first with how they provide […]

Why Build 1 Site, When you can Build 2?

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Horizontal expansion in your niche is a very good thing. So good of a thing that you might as well do it from the get go. Have a neat idea for a site? Great, build it and a related site at the same time. Cross promote, cross link, and you’ll do better. I’ve talked about […]

Discovering niches.

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While most webmasters are busy with their next arcade, lyric, cheat code, and Myspace template site, some webmasters are focusing on building content sites spanning a wide variety of topics. They’re always on the lookout for the next original idea for a site — I know I am. With every last medium to large market […]

Christmas Came Early

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Back in July I published one of the most in depth articles I’ve ever written. The article, A Publisher’s Guide to Contextual PPC Ad Optimization, takes a close look at how you can optimize your publishing earnings by tweaking the appearance and placement of ads from Google Adsense, YPN, or the like. At the end […]

Making the tables to CSS switch.

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I’ve always thought, as have and still do many others, that regular HTML with tables easily handled any website that I needed to build. I always thought that the 100% CSS crowd was an uppity club, a club that people simply wanted to join because it was the “in” thing to do. My arguments against […]

Market Research: Part I – Finding A Niche

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Market research should be the first step for any webmaster, seasoned or just starting out, when seeking a niche based website to develop. I remember speaking to a fellow webmaster who said something to the tune of “how do I find a new niche, when they are all taken up?”. How can all niches be […]

Common Mistakes – Chapter 1

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As most of you know, I am new to this whole blogging thing here at WP, but after some deliberating, I think I will start to address different aspects of generating revenue and web promotion topics in specific chapters. We’ll dub this chapter “Common Mistakes”, and we’ll address and focus on things that you probably […]

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