February, 2007

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Things are not always what they seem.

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Has anyone else noticed a propensity of tech journalists based out of San Francisco to adopt a center of the universe mentality? Local fads to them are automatically national fads or the next big thing? Two obvious cases in point, Friendster & Second Life. Friendster was never that popular but started mostly out in the […]

Ecommerce Site for Sale

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When Eragon the movie came out I bought up some domains related to the movie and had them developed for the selling of swords in case I had trouble ranking well with my existing sword site. But I’m happily sitting at #1 for the keyphrase now so I do not need the domains or the […]

An Experiment in One-Product Ecommerce

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I just finished a new ecommerce site, Organic Compost Tumbler, that sells just one product. This type of ecommerce site has unique concerns not found in other ecommerce sites, but just because you are only selling one product does not mean you can’t be successful. The biggest factor in one-product ecommerce I believe is item […]

The Digg Effect

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My literature site made it to the frontpages of both Digg and Del.icio.us this weekend. I know there is always a lot of speculation about what that kind of exposure that can give you so I thought I’d sum things up for everyone. Let me say that I never actually saw my site on those […]

Google finally releases more link data

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Back in October I posted about doing link research and I recommended using Yahoo Site Explorer for your link research since it was better than Google. Google since its inception, had never delivered full and accurate link information…. until now. As per a blog post at Google Webmaster Central they have vastly expanded their link […]

More on Content Bragging

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I have posted previously on bragging about your content. It is something I really believe in now and I plan on writing a full article about it and other human optimizations. I’ve been going through my sites the last year or so and doing updates and upgrades rather than building as many new sites. Many […]

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