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Adsense CPA Opens for All

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Just a quick heads up to everyone that Adsense’s CPA system is now open for all publishers. Check it out. This could end up being both good and bad for Adsense publisher revenue. On one hand it is another way to make money, on the other hand it could end up having the same problems […]

Amazon Beta Content Links Program

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Amazon is launching another beta content links program. I say another because they have already been experimenting in contextual text links with their successful (I assume, I can’t see how it couldn’t be successful) Omakase program Dear Amazon Associate: Are you looking for additional revenue streams to monetize your content? Are you interested in providing […]

Amazon Sense? Amazon Omakase?

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When I was blogging for SitePoint I broke the news about “Amazon Sense” or rather Amazon wanting to compete with Adsense with a similar program, it got like a billion trackbacks and I really wish I had broke the news here instead. I had been contacted about joining a beta program for testing ads which […]

The PageRank Possibilities of an In-House Affiliate Program

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If you run your own affiliate program there is an amazing potential you are missing out on. Tracking free affiliate URLs. This is not a new concept, one I remember first hearing in 2001. However it isn’t commonly discussed and so many of you might not have thought of this before. I used to give […]

CJ backsteps a little on mandating JS links

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Commission Junction’s recent announcement that they would be mandating the use of javascript, as opposed to straight HTML, links caused a significant uproar among publishers and they seemed to have backed off the issue a little. On June 23, 2006, JavaScript links will become Commission Junction’s default link type in the CJ Marketplace. However, we […]

Commission Junction Mandates Javascript Links

Bookmark using any bookmark manager! recently announced a new policy whereby affiliates will have to start using javascript links practically exclusively when promoting merchants in their network. For certain special types if integration, such as for email or datafeeds, the links will stay the same, but for all others they will need to be javascript. In my opinion this […]

Desire Targeting

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I thought I’d try my hand at creating a new phrase, like “link baiting” and so I thought I’d expand on a topic I have covered previously here. Basically the process of targeting your advertisements not based on your content but based on the desires of your visitors. Targeting advertising & affiliate programs to your […]

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