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Thread: Blog Comment Etiquette

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    Question Blog Comment Etiquette


    I introduced myself in October as a new publisher, and I have been developing sites and learning more about publishing since then. I have an etiquette/procedure question about comments posted on my blog.

    1. I have one comment from a person who asked if she can quote my blog. I understand that this would be good. However, her blog doesn't relate to my topic at all. So I'm wondering if I have any reason not to let her quote my blog. Could anything bad come from it?

    2. I have another comment from a person who has a related site. Is it expected from her that I link to her site (which I wouldn't mind doing)? Or is she automatically linked by posting a comment?

    Thank you for your time with these newbie questions!

    -- Shannon

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    Etiquette is what you want it to be. You're never under any obligation to link to or provide a link to anyone.

    comment links are typically nofollowed anyways, (not the best solution by the way), even if you don't know, it is often the default setting in a lot of blog software.

    And someone doesn't technically need permission to quote you, and in general a quote is good promotion regardless of topicality, so I'd say yes.
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    Thank you for answering

    I appreciate your answer. -- Shannon

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