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Thread: Sitemap for a blogger blog

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    Sitemap for a blogger blog

    All web site owners, web designers, usability experts, and search marketers agree that having a sitemap is very important for the success of each website.
    At this post I will show you how to add sitemap to a Blogger blog. The steps are very simple, and will require a minor edit of your template.

    And here we go...

    Visit Google Webmaster Tools and sign up to a free account. If you have a Gmail email address, you can sign in with that. If you haven’t got Gmail & would like it, mail me & I’ll send you an invite.
    Once signed into Webmaster tools, choose to add a website & submit your blog URL. Google will find it & invite you to verify your site.
    Click on verify, and choose to validate by uploading a Meta tag. (You cannot use the other method with Blogger) Copy & paste this Meta Tag to Notepad or similar.
    In a new window/tab visit your Blogger Dashboard, and click on ‘Template’, then ‘Edit HTML’.
    BEFORE doing anything else, choose ‘Download Full Template’ and save it to your hard-drive. If anything goes wrong (It won’t), you can simply upload this saved template to put your blog back the way it was before you started.
    Look at the HTML in the edit window. Approximately 6 lines down you will see the ‘HEAD’ tag (shown in red below). Copy the Meta Tag (shown in pink) from Notepad and paste it directly next to the ‘HEAD’ tag as shown. Save the changes. View your blog, there should be no visible difference.
    Switch back to Google Webmaster Tools, click the button for Google to check your verification - this should take a few seconds and then will confirm it is verified, or if not, whether it’s your fault or Google’s. Sometimes Google doesn’t work first time - try again or leave a few hours, it will get done.
    Now you have to tell Google the location of the Sitemap. First choose ‘General Web Sitemap’ for the type. The location for Blogger blogs is the same as your Atom news feed, and will be in the format of : Click submit & you’re finished.
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    I've been researching the issue of sitemaps and Blogspot blogs and the one problem is that one can only generate a feed of the latest posts. As of yet I have found no way to generate a complete sitemap of one's blogspot blog. I find this very frustrating, especially since Google owns Blogger.
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    I had a problem addingb the meta tag when I did it. I had to go all the way to the end right before the </head> and add it there. It did not work anywhere else in the head tag. Are you using New blogger or the old one?

    KLB, when I did my site map, it showed all my pages even the old posts but I still have one of my blogs tha won't update. Last time was back Feb.

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    That's only a myth that when you have sitemap your site will rank better....

    If your site was built correctly, i.e., it's crawler-friendly, you certainly don't need a Sitemap. Having a Sitemap isn't going to get you ranked better....

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