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Thread: no incoming links, crawled by Ink, no.2 on MSN

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    no incoming links, crawled by Ink, no.2 on MSN

    I have a two keyword .com with just one page up for about 18 months saying 'coming soon' but then I got an email from someone asking me what am I doing with the domain and I checked and these people have another extension to the keywords and have registered a trade mark after I registered the domain name but I thought I'd put something up so I just knocked together a 4 page site about 4 weeks ago (The keywords would not be searched too often but they work well as a brand).

    That is the background.

    Over the time the site has been up I have had google visting as they now seem to do with every site on a server rather than sites with links to them.

    However, in January I have been crawled by Inktomi and started to get search hits from MSN (just 5 hits). I checked my keywords at MSN and sure enough I am ranked number 2! So I checked at Inktomi and I am ranked number 3! So then I checked google and I am nowhere for all the combinations I can think of, although the domain can be found by entering the domain name and then when it says "sorry no information is available for ..." clicking on "find web pages that contain the term ..." and the site comes up as the only one in the list.

    So to summarise, empty page up for 18 months, 4 page site up for 4 weeks, no incoming links (that I know about or think there would be), only google and inktomi have ever crawled (according to my logs) - inktomi the first time this month - and I am number 2 MSN and number 3 inktomi.

    Just thought I would share this in case anyone is interested in what the search engines are doing now

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    I'm getting tired of google. I want a new market leader... One that you can actually get good results on...

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    I must make it clear that I am not complaining about google in the opening post because as far as I know I have no incoming links and I did not care whether the engines knew this site existed. But what has happened here seems to indicate that inktomi is up to some heavy crawling and indexing (unless there is an incoming link, but I strongly doubt it).

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