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Thread: How to regain lost rankings in google ?

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    How to regain lost rankings in google ?

    With the recent google update I am noticing a drop of 10-15 search places for all of my major targeted keywords.
    Like now I am in the 2nd page of search results for the keywords for which I was in the ranking in the 1st page.
    Page rank of all the pages has either improved or remained the same?

    So can anyone suggest me that what can I do to regain what I have lost

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    any ideas?

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    Build up more back links, and make the most of other traffic generating avenues (like getting links with strategic partners).
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    IMO, you should try more right keywords with content optimization. You should also go for SEO from experts. Link exchange with reputed partners is also very helpful to regain ranking. And in addition to that, you should add your site in as many directories as you can. All the best!
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    My advice: go for the basics. Just optimize your current website content (while optimizing content as you make it), gather links, and get lots of regular, high-quality content.

    It's the same with getting the rankings in the first place. Just do things that'll bring people to your website regardless of your SE rank: things that make people spread it by word of mouth; things that make them want to link to you; things that make your website high quality.

    Remember, that even if doing this doesn't increase your rank right off the bat, that you'll be getting more traffic from more varied sources in the future, and some quick PR pumping like buying a few months of text link advertising on some sites isn't as powerful or traffic-generating as just doing the simple stuff.

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