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Thread: 6 Tips to make your email marketing tick from Optinbuilders

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    Post 6 Tips to make your email marketing tick from Optinbuilders

    The rapid evolution of technology and consumer trends is speedily changing the arena of email marketing. The policies adopted a year ago are becoming obsolete and might not work today. This article brings to the surface some tips to make your email marketing tick.

    Maintain and clean your email marketing lists
    Good response depends on the your email marketing listís integrity. Maintain your list quality by removing, bogus addresses. Keep you list clean of all duplicate names and email addresses. Also remove all the unsubscribes from your mailing list.

    Ensure permission
    Permission is the key to achieving good delivery rates. Ensure that all the records in your list are permission based. Review all stages of list building. The more fields collected, the more validation is required to avoid bad inputs. Test your data by sending a confirmatory mail to the recipients to ensure its validity.

    Profile your email marketing lists
    Profiling your email marketing list has many advantages. It helps you send messages to the right targets and thus find more like them. It also helps you customize your email marketing message and offers based on the profiled list.

    Design for optimum delivery
    To break barriers to the inbox, your message should be free of terms that could be potentially filtered by ISPs as spam. If you are sending an HTML message, ensure compliance with world web consortium (W3C) standards.

    Concise Content
    Always write precise, simple, and informative content for your marketing exercises. People would not devote much time to read vague marketing messages. Drive home your point by using direct words and the reader will appreciate it. Always use a spam checker before shooting your mails.

    Test, test and test
    Test, test and test to refine on what works and what doesnít. What worked well for you last year might not work now. Test your message in a variety of environments to ensure that your message will be viewed exactly in a way you want it to be displayed. provides Targeted email marketing campaign to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your Internet presence and reach to million of targeted email address using our Email Marketing service.

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    1) Agreed; This is just common sense yet is strangely lacking in a lot of mailing systems.

    2) Only one problem here, fastest way to have a list of zero.

    3) Which is next to impossible unless you add in user tracking code when you get the e-mail address in the first place, the fastest way to end up on a black-hole list... Unless of course your mails themselves are designed to pull tracking of responses or get people to give you more information... Though there's another term for this, starts with a "P" that is pronounced like an "F", ends in ING?

    4) Introducing new words that could be filtered as SPAM... on top of which sending by HTML is damned near a flag for e-mails being spam these days. (I've got my server looking for the HTML tag in messages routing e-mails on my machine to a separate inbox as 'suspect')

    5) Enrish moist goodry not make you e-mail list wurk. Seriously, proper use of sentence structure, proper spelling, correct tenses and possessions are a quick simple way to make sure e-mails actually go through to the intended target. No, extra, commas, please, break, you e-mail otherwise much be /FAIL/.

    I do have to ask, are there really enough dimwit nubes out there that "Email marketing" still works? Wait, if there are people dumb enough to still be using IE and Outlook, there are people dumb enough to fall for SPAM, Phishing, etc.

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