Expiring domains list - these domains are expiring and will be available to register again in the next few days. If you are lucky, you can use any registrar, or you could use one of the many domain catching services

shareavenue.com has an Alexa traffic rank of 143,742
dadady.com has 60,100 backlinks according to Yahoo
terreiro.net has PR6
jobsearchlink.com has 169 backlinks according to Alexa
dinbot.com has 94 backlinks according to Google

Expired domains list - these domains have already expired and were available to register through most registrars when they were checked earlier today

winetower.eu has PR3
proxy2.eu has 22,215 backlinks according to Yahoo
all-med.net is in the Yahoo Directory
imtezine.com has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 1,699,697
indymediawatch.com has 259 backlinks according to Google